Carpenter Ants


These ants are very larger typically being between three and thirteen millimeters long. They may be red, black or yellow. They occur in colonies and may produce massive damage in a home.


Damage to your home

Carpenter ants may live inside or outside the house. There create their niche in moist, damp or decaying wood. Here they build their nests and causeways that allow them movement between nests. Typically, they produce debris such as wood shavings and produce a rustling noise. You may also find dead ant parts in several areas of your wooden surface.

Their wood burrowing tendencies can wreak havoc in your outdoor furniture, window frames, barns, sheds as well as rail sidings. If your floor has a wooden finish, the colony might go for it too. The wood is especially at risk if it comes into frequent contact with water so you should be on the lookout for such areas.